systems group

The systems group at the School of Computer Science conducts research in complex computer software and hardware systems, including their development and use and the principles underlying their design. More broadly, the systems faculty work in the areas of Internet computing, distributed systems, operating systems, high performance computing, and real-time and embedded systems, as well as mobile computing systems and applications. Our research topics include experimental performance evaluation, computer security and dependability, system management and virtualization, distributed computing systems, and big data systems and technologies.

Our group consists of academic and research faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting scholars. We value interdisciplinary research, working not only with our colleagues in other College of Computing schools but also across Georgia Tech, particularly the College of Engineering. We also collaborate extensively with academic partners in other universities, researchers in government labs, and industry partners working on research and development. Further, our collaborations extend to international efforts that bring together researchers from many countries around the world.

We evaluate our research with realistic applications from such domains as cloud and enterprise computing, high performance, mobile and wireless, multimedia and sensor systems, embedded and real-time systems, pervasive computing, and service computing, including from the health care domain. Our experimental facilities range from several clusters with up to a few thousands of cores to small embedded systems.

Our Ph.D. graduates have joined prestigious universities, industrial research labs and computer companies such as IBM T.J. Watson, IBM Almaden, HP Labs, Intel Research, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and others. We receive research funding from both government sponsors—such as the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and DARPA—and industry sponsors like IBM, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, and VMware.


Coordinator: Ling Liu